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The 12Return platform orchestrates and automates the Return-to-Value process


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Flexibility & Scalability

Your reverse supply chain needs to be agile to enter new directions. 12Return goes with you.

Returns from one or many countries.

Control from where returns are accepted. Define one or many countries and specify what returns are accepted from where. When your business grows, 12Return scales with you.


Returns from one or many sales channels

Be prepared for omni-channel commerce and manage returns from all sales channels with a single account. When your business enters new markets, 12Return goes with you.


Unique return policies for every return type.

Define a unique customer-centric return policy for each type of return. When your return policy needs diversity, 12Return offers the flexibility.


Optimised reverse logistics network

An automated return policy. Define where returns are shipped to and how. When your reverse logistics network expands, 12Return organises the expansion.


One or multiple users with personal access

A named account for all customer service agents and warehouse operators. Assign roles to personalise the 12Return experience. When your teams need 12Return, we're available.

“The 12Return platform allowed us to completely rethink, reorganise and optimise our return flows. We can now offer a user-friendly solution to do returns to our customers, and manage a multi-channel, multi-language and multi-locations process in a single tool internally.”
Jan Mylemans - Somfy

Jan Mylemans
Logistics, Operations Manager, Efficiency and Quality Northern Europe at Somfy Group

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