Full-Service Returns for your Direct-to-Customer Business

Return Dock offers local reverse logistics services for global business. When you ship directly to customers, we handle your entire returns process locally. Make your direct-to-customer business more successful with faster customer service and lower logistics costs.

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Customer Returns

Customers can simply return products to a local Return Dock center in Europe with the RMA process you have in place. As an option, you can manage the entire RMA and shipping process with 12Return software. Offer your customer a hassle-free returns process and a fast refund or replacement service.



12Return's Return Material Authorization process allows your customers to create a return in a customer portal in your brand identity.


12Return's algorithms define the local Return Dock center to which the return should be shipped and automatically create the right shipping label.


We have teamed up with UPS and DHL for drop-off and pickup transportation services from all major European countries.


12Return notifies your customers about the status of a return with personal emails in your brand identity. 

Reverse Logistics Operations

Return Dock offers local reverse logistics services for your Direct-to-Customer business. Your customer can return products to your local Return Dock center in Europe. We handle the entire reverse logistics process so you can achieve faster customer service and lower logistics costs. With a personal dashboard you have full visibility of all returns at any stage.

Local Return Center

Set up your local returns center in Europe. Customers can ship returns to your local Return Dock center to save costs and to minimize lead-times.

Receiving and Grading

Returned products are received and graded by experienced operators. Once products have been received the customer can be refunded.

Local Restock

A-graded products that can be resold as new can be restocked in the Return Dock center for fulfillment to a new local customer. Local fulfillment will deliver products to your customer faster and cheaper.


A-graded products can also be shipped back to your central fulfillment center. B-graded products can be recovered in various way, like recommerce, refurbishment, and repair.

Sell and ship globally, we handle your returns locally.

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Return Dock is a full-service returns solution by 12Return