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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.

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Allow your Logistics Service Provider to run an efficient returns process for you.

Return Dock SaaS Outsourced can be deployed at your preferred Logistics Service Provider. No matter if you run one or multiple return centers, Return Dock allows your Logistics Service Provider to run an efficient returns process for you.

Speed up receiving with all relevant data in one system

When a return shipment arrives at your return center, the receiving process can start directly with all relevant data about the return and it's products in one system.





Simplify and automate product grading for better disposition

The receiving & grading process should be simple for operators. Smart grading rules define the product grade and support sorting of products for follow up disposition such as restock, recondition, and recycling.


Connect to the Warehouse Management System for fast restock

Return Dock easily integrates with the Warehouse Management System to trigger put-away of returned products that have successfully passed the grading process.





Remarkable's Logistics Service Provider runs Return Dock for receiving and grading returns in the warehouse.

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