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All-in returns service for your cross-border returns.


Software-as-a-service for your returns process.


Returns software for logistics service providers.

Returns for 3PL

12Return partners with innovative Logistics Service Providers to jointly create solutions that deliver value and transform the way (retail) brands deal with returns.


Differentiate with returns management

The 12Return LSP Partner Program is designed to help leading Logistics Service Providers differentiate themselves in the field of returns


Let's work together

We like to work with you to offer an integrated returns solution to (retail) brands and win more business.

Deliver value and transform the way (retail) brands deal with returns.

We have developed Return Dock software to streamline the returns operations process in your warehouse. With Return Dock you can offer an innovative end-to-end solution for returns to your customers.

  • Add-on to your Warehouse Management System
  • Multi-client and multi-location
  • Dashboard
  • Receiving returns

Join the Partner Program to jointly offer a returns service to your customers.

We have packed Return Dock software into a partnership program for Logistics Service Providers. Join the program to take advantage of a wide range of services.

  • Life-time free Return Dock account
  • Partner in the 12Return ecosystem
  • Presence in the Return Bird Marketplace
  • Technical, Sales, and Marketing support
  • Access to knowledge about returns management
  • Attractive referral incentive program

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Fast receiving with all relevant data in one system

When a return shipment arrives at your warehouse, the receiving process can start directly with all relevant data about the return and its products in one system.





Simple and automated product grading for a better disposition

The receiving & grading process should be simple for operators. Smart grading rules define the product grade and support sorting of products for follow-up disposition such as restock, recondition, and recycling.

Be an innovator in returns management with 12Return software.

Receive & Grade

Each returned product is unique and needs its own grading to identify the state of the product and to determine the follow-up disposition.


Returned products can be stored until final disposition takes place.


A-graded products can be replenished to your warehouse. B-graded products can be revalued through repair, refurbishment, and recycling disposition with external vendors.


12Return supports processes for restock, internal product recovery, and integration with external disposition partners and vendors.


You can set up one or multiple locations and run them with a single Return Dock account.


You can set one or multiple clients and support them with a single Return Dock account.

Customer Returns

Return Dock can connect to any Return Bird account that is used by (retail) brands.


Return Dock can connect to your Warehouse Management System to pre-alert products for restock.

Are you ready for returns!

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