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Customer service is part of the returns process.

The returns process starts with an interaction with your customer to agree what is being returned and what service is expected. The process ends with an interaction to deliver that service.
Customer Service

When your business goes Direct-to-Customer (D2C) interaction with the end-customer brings new challenges. Interaction and service in the entire customer journey are important, also when your customer is using your product. The returns process is part of the customer journey.

12Return supports the customer return journey

You can streamline customer interaction at the start, during and at the end of the returns process.


Returns can occur in different sales channels and each channel requires an optimized customer interaction. Your customer-facing returns process needs full flexibility to optimize this interaction, no matter how the back-end return operations process is executed.
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Customers expect a hassle-free and reliable returns process with on-demand service. You want to offer customer service while minimizing costs. Self-Service is the answer to both needs.
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Customer interaction is managed in your CRM system so the returns process needs seamless integration with your customer service process and with your CRM and Order Management systems.
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