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Return metrics tell a lot about customers and products.

Returns often are the necessary evil of your business. Once you accept returns as part of your business you will discover the unprecedented value of its data in return metrics.

Bringing the different aspects of your reverse supply chain together does not just streamline the returns management process itself. It also unifies the data in the process. Data that can be turned into metrics about customers and products and that support data-driven business decisions for tomorrow.

12Return turns data into information value

You can unlock the value of unified data from the returns process with powerful metrics for data-driven business decisions.

Control Tower

Managers should run the returns process and guarantee a reliable and efficient execution such that customer service promises are delivered and targeted values are achieved.
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Customer service agents should have a personal overview of all returns and interactions with the customer. Operators should have access to accurate information to execute the physical returns process fast and efficient.
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Your business should have access to reliable returns management metrics to make better decisions for tomorrow.
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