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Efficient operations turns products into new value.

Too often returned products are scrapped and written-off after they have been stored in warehouses for months. Reverse logistics operations should return products to value in the most effective way.

Returns are a given in a customer-centric and circular economy. Getting returns in is one, handling them is two. Returned products should not be sitting in a corner of the warehouse and be scrapped and written-off after a while.

12Return streamlines returns operations

You can operate your returns center facilities close to where your customers are.


Your reverse supply chain footprint can be local with a single returns center facility or global with a network of facilities. These can be operated in-house or outsourced. On top of that you work with a variety of manufacturing facilities or vendors where products are shipped to after they have been returned to you. The returns process in this dynamic footprint should be managed with a single management view.
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Returns Processing

Many things happen in the returns center facilities. Receiving and grading returned products, managing products inventory and disposition of products. The operations process should run efficient and accurate and should be agile to deal with highs and lows in capacity demand.
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Inventory and financials are managed in your ERP system so the returns process needs seamless integration with ERP systems.
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