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See our answer to the most common questions, or have a personal conversation with a returns management expert.

About shipping services

Does 12return support international returns?

12return has been designed for global returns and we handle returns from 149 countries.

For which carrier services does 12return offer discounted rates?

We have discounted rates from 25 carriers for local returns in Europe, such as PostNL, BPost, Correos, Hermes, La Poste Colissimo, UPS, DHL, DPD, PostNord, and more. In case we do not offer local shipping in a country, you can use a UPS or DHL service to take care of the international shipping.

How are costs per return calculated?

We give you the most accurate rates possible, based on volume, returns processing operations, replenishment frequency, and location of your warehouse.

Does 12return support track & trace?

All returns are tracked when the customer has delivered the return to the carrier and when it has been received in a hub. You can use these tracking events to trigger a store credit or refund to the customer.

Does 12return offer customs clearance services?

We partner with a dedicated customs agency to offer fiscal representation and customs clearances services.

Can I use my own carrier contracts?

You can use your own carrier contracts for returns that are shipped directly to your warehouse from anywhere in the world.

Where it makes sense, you can also use your carrier contracts to ship to our local return hubs and return centers.

About return processing services

What return processing services does 12return offer?

In the hub, we can scan the return and sort it, open the box and check its content, or grade the products and sort them to disposition tactics.

The information from the receiving process is updated to the merchant dashboard and can be used to inform your customer, update your system, and create a store credit or refund.

Does 12return deliver returns to a warehouse outside Europe?

After receiving and sorting the returns, we can deliver consolidated returns to your warehouse or any other destination anywhere in the world.

Does 12return offer fulfillment services?

We partner with fulfillment companies that offer fulfillment services for selling returned products to a new local customer.

About returns management software

Can I only use 12return software without services?

Yes, of course. We have put years of experience in building world-class returns management software. You can it without using our all-in returns service.

Can I use your software in my warehouse?

You can use ReturnDock software for the returns process in your warehouse(s). You can simply receive and complete returns that have been shipped to you by the customer directly or replenished from a 12return hub.

I am a Logistics Service Provider, what's in it for me?

We like to work with innovative logistics companies to join our ecosystem and offer services to our customers. We have packed Return Dock software in a comprehensive partner program.

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