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Smart reverse logistics

No matter where returns come from 12Return simplifies shipping. From defining routing plans to using carrier services. From carrier selection to label generation. From pickup booking to status tracking.



A one-size-fits-all reverse logistics plan no longer meets the requirements of todays reverse supply chain.

Automate your return policy

Offer drop-off and pickup services

Offer prepaid or customer paid returns

Work with carriers like UPS and DHL

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Return Types

Return Types Return Types allow you to offer multiple return services, like Returns & Exchanges, Warranty & Repair, and Take-Back & Recycling, in one Customer RMA Portal. For each return type, you can set up a unique returns process and reverse supply chain.

Return Options

Return options allow you to define how products are shipped from the customer location to a destination without the need for an integration with a carrier service. Return options exist in two types; dropoff and pickup.


Routes define the physical transportation (reverse logistics) of product returns from a customer location to a destination with a certain return option (pickup or dropoff), and carrier.



Destinations are the locations of your returns centers to where returns are shipped. Destinations can be owned facilities or external companies. For each destination, you can define a workflow that defines the receiving and disposition process in the facility.


Carriers define how products are shipped from the customer location to a destination with a transportation service, such as UPS, DHL, or TNT. Carriers have a return option that exists in 2 types: dropoff and pickup.


Agents can schedule a pickup appointment with the customer based on customer preferences. Pickup appointments are communicated with the customer via Notifications.

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Return Label

Customers receive a return label from the chosen carrier service (e.g. UPS, DHL). In the case of customer organized transport, a generic barcoded return label will be created. During setup, this label can be customized.

Packing List

During setup, a packing list can be customized. This packing list will be sent to the customer after authorizing the return. The customer can also download the packing list from the Self-Service module.

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