Customer Service agents in control

A complete toolset for your customer service agents to manage returns effectively:

  • Personal real-time dashboard
  • Gatekeeping
  • Communication system
  • Integration with ticket system
  • Automated status emails
  • Service tools
  • Surveys
  • Statistics


For returns, customers don't give much margin for error. Customer Service agents need tools to deliver the service promise.

Personal customer communication in the entire returns process

Turn return service into customer satisfaction

All relevant and accurate data in one place

Leverage new interactions in the customer journey

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Agent Roles

Agent Roles is a role-based access control system that allows you to assign specific rights to agents that work in the Agent RMA Portal. All activities are also registered and reported in an audit trail.


Notifications is a flexible feature to automate status updates to your customers. Define the content of all emails and define the trigger in the workflow when to send them.


Gatekeeping allows agents to review and approve return requests. Gatekeeping is supported in a manual or automated way. After approval a Return Material Authorisation number is created and communicated to the customer.

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Return Types

Return Types allow you to offer multiple return services, like Returns & Exchanges, Warranty & Repair, and Take-Back & Recycling, in one Customer RMA Portal. For each return type, you can set up a unique returns process and reverse supply chain.


Surveys are questionnaires to gather information from the customer during the registration of a return. Surveys can be created at return type and product group levels. Surveys allow you to register return reasons that can support the gatekeeping and authorization process.

Service Tasks

Service Tasks is a flexible feature to define the services that you want to offer and communicate with your customer. Service Tasks include a workflow to define approval levels, attachments, and automated email communication. With Service Tasks you can automate every Post-It Memo in a return file.

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