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Smart return policies with UPS and 12Return

Build your reverse supply chain with UPS

The UPS integration support global transportation via the UPS network. You can use the UPS services for the following options:

Drop-off to a UPS Access Point

Customers can bring their return shipment to a UPS Access Point.

Pickup by UPS (with booking)

UPS will pick up the return shipment at the customer address. The customer needs to schedule a pickup appointment with UPS.

Pickup by UPS (attempt)

This service does not require the customer to print a return label and to schedule a pickup appointment with UPS. When the return has been authorized, UPS will automatically make a pickup attempt the next business day and another attempt on the 3rd day. The UPS driver will bring the return shipping label with him.



Art & Craft uses UPS drop-off and 1 attempt pickup services for returns from customers in Belgium and The Netherlands.



Somy uses UPS drop-off and pickup with booking services from dealers and consumers across Europe.

UPS and 12Return play nice together

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