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Returns Service

All-in-one returns service offered by a selected group of Logistics Service Providers and powered by 12Return software.

ReturnDock returns management service

Hassle-Free Returns

You can manage the customer returns process with our software to offer customers a hassle-free returns experience and to take advantage of some powerful features for returns authorization, logistics, status tracking, and insights.

Smart Logistics

Rather than spending time and money shipping the product back to the origin country, customers can return products to a local returns center. Our software optimizes routing and shipping to a designated local returns center.

Local Operations

Local return centers in Europe take care of all operational activities like receiving, inspection, sorting, storage, and bulk shipping.


Your Return Bird account gives you access to many software features to streamline customer returns. All you need is a single integration to your order management system.

Customer Portal

Hosted customer portal in your brand identity for customers to create a return.

Personal Dashboard

Real-time dashboard for your customer support team to be in control of all returns.


Real-time overview of the inventory in all ReturnDock centers.


Powerful insights dashboard with statistics from your returns process.

Return Policies

Flexible configuration of one or multiple return policies in the customer portal.

Return Reasons

Flexible configuration of return reasons for each return policy.


Automated emails in your brand identity to keep your customers informed.


Fully configurable multi-language customer communication interface.


Connect the customer returns process with our network of return centers.

Return Centers

We operate a European network of local return centers.


We receive and sort returns and receive and grade returned products.


Secured storage of sorted returns and graded products in a local returns center.


We ship sorted returns graded products to your location of choice.


Return Dock has been designed for your reverse supply chain in a customer-centric and circular economy.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronic products are returned in different phases while the customer is using the product. No matter if you sell products or offer them in subscription, you need to be prepared for returns.

Professional Electronics

Professional electronic products are returned by consumers and businesses for different reasons. An effective reverse supply chain helps you to recover the value of your products at any time.

Consumer Healthcare

Consumer healthcare products require a controlled reverse supply chain for financial and legal reasons. An effective reverse supply chain helps you to comply with the requirements of your business.

Fashion & Apparel

The on-line sales of fashion & apparel lead to a massive returns volume and associated costs. A local returns management solution helps you minimize costs and reduce the financial and environmental impact of returns and product write-off.

Your all-in-one service for returns is here.

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