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The meaning of "Revalue"

by Editorial Staff, on Jan 5, 2020 10:50:03 AM

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Revalue means “to change the value of something or to consider it again”.

We do recognize this description but we like to further explain our meaning of “Revalue“ in the combination of “Revalue Returns“.

Returns are everywhere

In today’s world, consumers are returning products to the seller in massive volumes. In many cases, this is because people don’t like the product they have purchased. In other cases, this is because the product they are using has a defect. In some cases, this is because people are returning the product for sustainable disposition when they stop using it.

Companies need a reverse supply chain

The growing phenomenon of returns forces companies to build and run a reverse supply chain. This means that companies need to deal with product returns from their customers. And it means that companies need to run an operation to handle returned products.

Returns are not the problem, Revalue is the opportunity

Many companies consider returns to be a big problem. Therefore, the reverse supply chain is often under-developed and de-prioritized. By not paying serious attention to it companies lose money and miss the opportunity for revalue.

Revalue Returns

Revalue Returns means unlocking value from product returns in a controlled reverse supply chain.

In today’s world product returns has 2 dimensions:

  1. customers returning products
  2. products being returned

Therefore Revalue Returns has 2 dimensions too:

  1. Customer value: improving customer loyalty by offering service in the returns process
  2. Product value: recovering the value of returned products in a new value chain

Return Dock is a global platform and network of local returns centers. Rather than spending time and money shipping the product back to the origin country, your customer can return products to a local Return Dock center, for faster service and revalue of returned products.

We like to tell you all about it in a personal conversation.

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