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Future-proof customer return journey

Support returns for any reason from any channel. Give customers a friendly and simple return policy and a reliable service. 12Return makes the returns process personal and supportive. So customers stay happy.
Your Returns Process
RMA Portal
Create a Return

Unlock opportunities with new customer interactions

Communication in the returns process is key to streamline expectations about the return policy. On-line and real-time interaction offers many opportunities for personal service in the returns process.  Customers can create a return in a 12Return hosted RMA portal or in your system that is connected to the 12Return API. Agents can create a return for the customer too.

Authorize a Return

Control what comes back with automated gate-keeping rules

Streamlining expectations about the return policy starts with accepting a return and communicating the expected resolution. Returns are authorized automatically or manually by an agent. Agents have full control to approve or reject products, add reject reasons and communicate with the customer.

Ship a Return

Reduce freight spend with automated reverse logistics plans

Returns should be shipped first time right to a designated return center. For authorized returns customers receive a return shipping label on-demand. 12Return supports returns from 149 countries with paid and pre-paid drop-off and pickup services from UPS and DHL. With a virtual carrier service, you can work with any carrier.

Settle a Return

Please customers with a fast and reliable resolution

Customers expect the service resolution that has been promised in the return policy. Once a return has been received, agents can complete resolution with the customer. 12Return can automatically update your ERP system to trigger a settlement action, like a refund.

icon__Return Options icon__Agent Roles
For customers For support agents
Customers want to be in control over their journey to return a product and to receive service. 12Return has been designed to simplify how customers can create a return, receive a return shipping label and to stay informed about the status. 12Return streamlines the customer return journey, no matter why customers return a product to you. Customer support agents need tools to help their customer and data to give them answers. 12Return gives support agents everything they need to be in control of returns and to have personal communication with their customer. 12Return facilitates the customer return journey by empowering your support agents to reliable customer service.


icon__Customer RMA Portal icon__Return Types icon__Destinations
On-Demand Service
Customers can create a return and shipping label for multiple return policies with a self-service solution that is available 24/7.
Return Reason
Customers can specify a return reason for each product they return and you can turn this data into valuable insights.
Intelligent Routing
Based on several parameters 12return defines the return center destination where the return will be shipped to.
icon__Carriers icon_Servise Tasks icon__Notifications
Shipping Labels
12Return will create a shipping label with the selected carrier. 12Return supports returns from 149 countries with UPS and DHL.
Service Memo
12Return allows service agents to settle the return with the customer with service memo's like credits and repairs.
Status Updates
12Return informs the customer about the status of the return throughout the entire process. From authorized to completed.
The 12Return returns management platform orchestrates and automates the Return-to-Value process and serves as the connection between your front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems. We support several options to integrate with your CRM or Order Management system:
12Return supports a suite of APIs to create a return in your own CRM or Order Management system and to receive a return shipping label from 12Return.
12Return supports a suite of connectors to retrieve data from your CRM or Order Management system to create a return in a 12Return hosted portal.
ups dhl tnt postnl
Global UPS drop-off and pickup services. Global DHL pickup service. Global TNT pickup service. PostNL drop-off service in The Netherlands.
dynalogic dropoff pickup  
Dynalogic pickup service in The Netherlands and Belgium. Use any carrier service for customer organized shipping. Use any carrier service for pickup.  

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Fairphone produces a smartphone to address social and environmental issues throughout the mobile phone value chain. Fairphone uses 12Return for their entire reverse supply chain.
ReMarkable ships products to global customers from Asia. Customers return to reMarkable's fulfilment center in Asia that runs 12Return.
Somfy has organised their entire frontend returns process for multiple return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with the backend returns process in BAAN.
Remeha works with over 3,500 dealers and resellers that can return products to Remeha. 12Return is the frontend RMA solution that has been integrated with the backend operations process in SAP.
Conrad uses 12Return for returns and warranty from consumers and business customers in Benelux. 12Return has been integrated with the receiving process in the central fulfilment center.

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