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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.

Customer Returns Experience

Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.



Drive conversion with the right expectations

Inform customers about your return policy to set the right expectations from the start. 


Keep your customers delighted and engaged

Give customers a seamless self-service experience and piece of mind when making a return.


Make customers come back to you after a positive experience

97% of consumers say they’ll buy again if they have a positive returns experience.




Returns Portal

Return Bird includes a branded returns portal for mobile, tablet and desktop. Easily integrated with your webshop and running under or 

Merchant Dashboard

Return Bird includes a merchant dashboard for support agents to authorize, track, manage, and analyze returns and to have effective customer conversations in every phase of the returns process.

Intelligent Shipping

Return Bird supports customer returns from 149 countries with global drop-off and pickup services from UPS, DHL, and local carriers in all major European countries.

Customer experience

A returns portal is more than a tool to create a return. It supports communication between you and your customer in the entire returns process. Customers can create, ship, and track returns in a communication interface that is integrated with your shopping cart system.






Simply accept a return by default or review and authorize returns based on its characteristics. Support agents have all controls to review and accept returns. You can define smart automation rules for intelligent and automated Returns Material Authorization at scale.


Return Bird has been designed with global returns in mind. You can define smart automation rules that define where returns are shipped and how. Of course, shipping is digital. No need to include a return label in the box.



Conrad email


Accurate status

Everyone wants to stay informed about the status of the return. Return Bird automatically sends status updates to your customer and to any system that is part of the returns process.

Return Bird has been designed for customer returns from anyone from anywhere

Returns Portal

Design your branded returns portal where customers can create, ship, and track a return. You can set up unique portals for different channels, such as B2B and B2C.


You can accept returns from 149 countries in the world.

Return Policies

Each returns portal contains one or multiple return policies, such as Returns & Exchanges and Warranty.

Order Connector

The order connector integrates with your system to retrieve the relevant order data to create a return.

Return Reasons

For each return policy you can define unique return reasons.

Custom Attributes

Define additional data fields in the returns portal to ask customers anything you like to know.

Documents and images

Customers can upload documents or images for each product they wish to return.


For each return policy you can define if and how returns are authorized. You can also define rules for non-returnable products.

Carrier Services
12Return integrates with many carrier services, You can define the available services for each return policy and country.
Shipping Options

12Return supports drop-off and pickup services depending on the availability from each carrier.

Share costs

Customers can pay for a return label in the returns portal or shipping charges can automatically be deducted from the refund.

Paperless Returns

12Return creates a digital return label so there is no need to include a return label in the box.


Customers can schedule a pickup by UPS or DHL without leaving the returns portal.


Customers and support agents can track the status of a return in the returns portal or merchant dashboard.

Status Updates

Customers receive automated status updates with emails in your brand identity and send with your email address.

Return Alerts

You can connect to web hooks to receive automated status updates in your system.


Connect Return Bird with Return Dock

Managed Returns

We take care of your returns with local carriers services and local return hubs in all major European countries.

Managed Transportation

Allow customers to deliver their return to a local drop-off location. We offer services from local carriers in all major countries in Europe.

Local Return Address

Use a local return address with our network of 13 local Return Hubs around Europe.

Global Returns

Allow global customers outside Europe or the US to ship to our regional Return Center or directly to your own warehouse.

Return Centers

Use our regional Return Centers in the UK, The Netherlands, and the United States.

Return Dock SaaS

Run a smooth returns process in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.


Receive returns with all relevant data about the return and it's products in one system.


Grade returned products for disposition such as restock, recondition, and recycling.


Restock grade A products for fulfilment to a new customer.


Recover grade B products with disposition such as recondition, repair, and recycling.

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