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Customer Returns

Hassle-free returns in every channel

Support returns for any reason from any channel. Give customers a hassle-free return and service experience. 12Return makes the returns process personal and supportive. So customers stay happy.
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RMA Portal

Digital returns process in your brand identity

12Return's white-label customer communication interfaces let you offer return policies in any in-store or on-line sales channel.

Return material authorization on auto-pilot

Define return material authorization playbooks to automate the authorization of returns for a fast response to customer return requests.

Smart transport management

Define transportation playbooks to automate shipping with UPS and DHL services for returns from 149 countries.

Fast service resolution to the customer

12Return's support interface gives support agents a personal dashboard to manage the returns process with their customers.

The 12Return platform allowed us to completely rethink, reorganise and optimise our return flows. We can now offer a user-friendly solution to do returns to our customers, and manage a multi-channel, multi-language and multi-locations process in a single tool internally.”

Jan Mylemans

Jan Mylemans 

Logistics, Operations Manager, Efficiency and Quality Northern Europe at Somfy Group


Initiating returns in any customer channel

Customers can create a return, add return reasons, select shipping preferences, receive a shipping label, find a drop-off location, schedule a pickup appointment, and track the status of a return.


Accepting returns with personal interaction or automation

Manage customer expectations with accepting a return and communicating the expected resolution. Customer support agents have full control to review and authorize returns manually. Or have Return Profiling™ playbooks do this work for them automatically.


Shipping returns from everywhere in the world

12Return supports customer returns from 149 countries with paid and pre-paid drop-off and pickup services from UPS, DHL and local carriers. Use Dynamic Routing™ playbooks to define and automate the routing of each return to a designated returns center.


Keeping customers happy with fast and reliable service

Customer support agents have a personal dashboard to monitor all returns and to answer customer inquiries. 12Return automatically updates your ERP system and informs the customer with status emails in your brand identity.


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Hosted RMA Portal

Design a branded customer RMA portal that is hosted by 12Return.


Connect your order management system to retrieve all relevant order data to create a return in the hosted RMA portal.

Return API

Improve your returns process without changing all tools and systems. Build your own return portal on top of our Return API.


Set up all products in 12Return or connect your PIM system to maintain all product information that is needed for the returns process.

Return Reasons

Define return reasons that can be selected when a return is created by the customer.

Return Policies

Define unique customer return journeys for each return policy, such as returns & exchanges, warranty, and take-back.

Carrier Services

Use your UPS or DHL account to give your customer a prepaid return label for drop-off or pickup.

Do It Yourself

Create a barcoded return label for customers to organize shipping themselves.

RMA Automation

Use Return Profiling™ playbooks to automate return material authorization.

Smart Logistics

Use Dynamic Routing™ playbooks to automate decisions about where returns are shipped to and how.


Set up product specific or generic questionnaires that should be completed when the customer creates a return.

Status Updates

Keep customers and external systems informed with automated status updates via email and API.

External Warehouse Integration

Integrate an external warehouse management system to manage the receiving and grading process outside 12Return.

Full Backend Integration

Get the best of both worlds. Fully integrate the customer returns process in 12Return with the receiving and grading process in 12Return.

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