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Return Bird organises the customer return journey

You can streamline the customer return journey in any sales channel that creates returns. Improve customer engagement and reduce freight spend with a reliable and smart return policy.

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RMA Portal
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Customer Return Journey

No matter where returns come from, Return Bird organises how they come back to you.

RMA Portal

Customers create and ship returns

Customers can create a return in a Customer RMA Portal that is hosted by 12Return. You have all flexibility to control the look and feel of your brand identity. You can set up all return policies in a single and multi-language communication interface.

Customers can also create a return in your CRM or Order Management system that is connected to the 12Return API. You stay in full control of the design and experience of the customer return journey. 

In both ways customers can create a return and 12Return creates the return shipping label on-demand.

RMA Portal

Service agents authorize and settle returns

Customer service agents can review, authorize or rejected returns that have been created by the customer.

Agents can also create returns on behalf of the customer.

With a personal dashboard agents are in full control of the status of each return. Agents have all data available to reply to customer inquiries.

Agents can settle the return with the customer and inform them with automated status updates.

On-Demand Service

Your returns process is available for your customer 24/7 with a self-service Customer RMA Portal.

One Interface

Offer multiple return policies in a single and multi-language customer communication interface.


Inform customers about the return status with automated status updates.

Smart Routing

Ship returns to a designated return center destination with an automated return policy.

Smart Shipping

Create an on-demand shipping label with your UPS or DHL account.

Easy Integration

Integrate Return Bird with your CRM or Order Management system.

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RMA Portal

Remeha works with over 3,500 dealers and resellers that can return products under warranty. 12Return is the frontend solution that triggers the backend returns process in SAP.


Conrad uses 12Return for returns and warranty from their customers in Benelux. 12Return has been integrated with the receiving process in the central fulfilment center.


reMarkable ships products to global customers from the Asia region. Customers return to reMarkable for returns and warranty.  reMarkable's outsourced receiving process in Asia runs 12Return.


Fairphone produces a smartphone to address social and environmental issues throughout the mobile phone value chain. Fairphone uses 12Return for receiving, grading, and repair of returned mobile phones.


Somfy has organised their entire frontend for returns process for multiple return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with the backend returns process in BaaN.


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