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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Run efficient returns management operations in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.

Customer Returns Experience

Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.



Drive conversion with the right expectations

Inform customers about your return policy to set the right expectations from the start. 


Keep your customers delighted and engaged

Give customers a seamless self-service experience and piece of mind when making a return.


Make customers come back to you after a positive experience

97% of consumers say they’ll buy again if they have a positive returns experience.


Intelligent software for a better returns experience

Return Bird is Software-as-a-Service to offer customers a better returns experience in any channel they return products. Use Return Bird as your returns management platform and connect it with any type of returns management operations.



Returns Portal

Return Bird includes an online branded returns portal for mobile, tablet and desktop. Easily integrated with your webshop and running under or  Your customer will simply feel that they are with you all the time.



Merchant Dashboard

Return Bird includes a merchant dashboard for support agents to authorize, track, manage, and analyze returns and to have effective customer conversations in every phase of the returns process.

Customer experience

A returns portal is more than a tool to create a return. It supports communication between you and your customer in the entire returns process. Customers can create, ship, and track returns in a communication interface that is integrated with your CRM or shopping cart system.





Automated gatekeeping

Simply accept a return by default or define a unique return policy based on the characteristics of a return. Support agents have all controls to review and accept returns. With Return Profiling™ returns can be authorized automatically. No more manual intervention to manage intelligent Returns Material Authorization at scale.

Intelligent shipping

12Return has been designed with international returns in mind. You can define smart Dynamic Routing™ automation rules that define where returns are shipped to and how. Of course, shipping is digital. No more need for including a paper return label in the box. Customers can print a return label or receive a digital label on their phone.





Accurate status

Customer want to stay informed about the status of the return. At checkout in the returns process customers are informed about the status updates they will receive. 12Return also connects with your systems to update real-time status information about each return.

Implement an intelligent returns process for future-proof commerce


Implement a customer centric returns process with a hosted returns portal or by building a returns interface in your system that is connected to our API.


Offer customers ease-of-use for returns from 149 countries with global drop-off and pickup services from UPS and DHL and local carriers in all major European countries.



Authorize returns automatically, manually, or define smart automation rules to manage returns authorization at scale.

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