Returns Management Platform for product returns.


Streamline the customer return journey.


Optimize the process of receiving and grading returned products.

Control Tower

All-in-one Return Bird and Return Dock.

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Return Dock takes care of returns from the moment they hit the receiving dock.

Optimise the process of receiving and grading returned products in your in-sourced or outsourced return center(s). Improve process cycle time, reduce operating costs and avoid inventory depreciation.

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RMA software
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Efficient Operations

No matter how returns show up on your receiving dock, 12Return helps to handle them. Of course, Return Dock works well with Return Bird.

Receiving & Grading

Receive and grade returned products efficiently to define their route to new value.

RMA Software
Return Dock
Operations and Integration modules for organising the receiving and grading process in your return center(s).

Inventory & Disposition

Manage Available-for-Disposition inventory and recover product value with disposition like restock, repair, refurbishment, asset recovery, and recycling.

Your Warehouse Management System for Returns

No More Surprises

No more unidentified returns at the receiving dock with all data in one system.

One System

Link multiple frontend return channels to a single backend system for an efficient and effective returns process in your returns center(s).

Reliable Grading

Improve the reliability of product grading with a uniform receiving and grading process.

Accurate Inventory

Manage Available-for-Disposition and Available-for-Service inventories with all product and grading information in one system.

Effective Disposition

Recover the value of returned products through disposition with vendors and external partners.

Easy Integration

Integrate Return Dock with your business system with our integration suite.


Remeha works with over 3,500 dealers and resellers that can return products under warranty. 12Return is the frontend solution that triggers the backend returns process in SAP.


Conrad uses 12Return for returns and warranty from their customers in Benelux. 12Return has been integrated with the receiving process in the central fulfilment center.


reMarkable ships products to global customers from the Asia region. Customers return to reMarkable for returns and warranty.  reMarkable's outsourced receiving process in Asia runs 12Return.


Fairphone produces a smartphone to address social and environmental issues throughout the mobile phone value chain. Fairphone uses 12Return for receiving, grading, and repair of returned mobile phones.


Somfy has organised their entire frontend for returns process for multiple return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with the backend returns process in BaaN.


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