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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.

Returns Management Operations

Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.



Drive cost reductions with efficient operations

Receive, grade, and restock returned products with all relevant data in one system.


Offers customers a fast refund and restock products faster

Speed up the returns process to drive improvements on both the customer and product side.


Avoid inventory write-off and become circular

Redeploy products in any value chain and move towards a sustainable circular business.


Connect Return Bird with Return Dock

No matter how your front-end customer returns process looks like, you can connect it to Return Dock for an end-to-end returns process.

Return Bird

Manage the customer returns process with Return Bird to offer customers a hassle-free returns experience.

Your shopping cart system

Customers can initiate a return in your Shopping Cart system that is connected to Return Dock.

Any other returns tool

Customers can initiate a return in your existing returns tool that is connected to Return Dock.

For efficient returns operations

Use our Managed Returns Service for shipping and returns processing, or use Return Dock SaaS for operations in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.



Managed Returns

Outsource shipping and returns processing to our Managed Returns service offered by a selected group of Logistics Service Providers.

SaaS In-House

Use Return Dock for the returns process in your in-house warehouse(s).

SaaS Outsourced

Use Return Dock for the returns process at your preferred Logistics Service Provider.

Managed Returns

SaaS In-House

SaaS Outsourced

Return Dock is your solution for returns operations in any warehouse

Fast deployment

Return Dock can easily be deployed in your in-house of outsourced warehouse.

Ease of use

The Return Dock user interface has been designed with operator efficiency in mind.


Barcode scanning

The user interface supports barcode scanning in every step of the process.

Touch screen

The user interface has been designed for touch screen devices for an efficient user experience.


Return Dock is multi-client in its core for use by Logistics Service Providers.


Return Dock is multi-location in its core for fast deployment in your reverse supply chain.

Multiple processes

Return Dock supports handling of returns at the return and the product level.

Product grading

Products can be graded with product-specific grading rules, instructions, and images.


Returns and graded products can be sorted to containers for further handling in the returns process.


Assign a pre-printed license plate label or print a product label to your Zebra printer.

Return to stock

Easily replenish products to the fulfilment inventory in your Warehouse Management System.

Return to vendor

Easily forward products to any vendor for external disposition.


Return Dock automatically generates the document that need to go with an outbound shipment.


Create operator user accounts and assign a specific role to each user.

Market place

Logistics Service Providers can present their company and services in the Return Bird marketplace.

Easy integration

Return Dock integrates with Return Bird for an end-to-end returns process and a fast refund to your customer.

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