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Efficient operations in your returns center

12Return supports reverse logistics operations in your in-sourced facilities, a preferred 3PL network, or in a 12Return managed returns center.

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RMA Process

Prepared for incoming returns

Fast and efficient receiving process in the designated returns center with all relevant data in one system.

Smart grading of returned products

Define Revalue Optimizing™ playbooks to automate the grading of returned products to determine the best disposition tactic.

Controlled inventory in the return center

You can manage the inventory of returned products in one or multiple return centers.

Effective disposition to recover product value

You can manage Return-to-Stock and Return-to-Vendor.

Speed up receiving with all relevant data in one system

When a return shipment arrives at one of your return centers, the receiving & grading process can start directly with all relevant data about the return and it's products in one system.


Simplify and automate product grading for better decisions

The receiving & grading process should be simple for operators. For each returned product the grading information is used to confirm the service resolution with the customer and to determine the disposition tactic to recover the value of the product.


Manage the inventory in your reverse supply chain

Returned products that flow through your reverse supply chain need to be visible with all relevant data in one system. Control the inventory in your returns centers and in the disposition process with your partners.

Turn product into new value to avoid inventory write-off

Return-to-Stock, Return-to-Vendor and Recommerce needs to be executed fast and efficient to recover the value of returned products in every stage of the product life-cycle.


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Set up one or multiple in-sourced or out-sourced return centers in your reverse supply chain.


Set up a dedicated product information management system in 12Return with all relevant information for the returns process.

Grading Rules

Define generic or specifc grading rules to simplify the physical receiving process and to automate decisions for product disposition.

One-Click Receiving

Confirm the receipt of an incoming return shipment and send an automated status ntofication to the customer.


Grade products with just 4 simple questions to define the state of the product and the proposed disposition.


Define attributes to capture specific data during the receiving and grading process.

Product Label

Print a customizable product label with all relevant information to identify a unique product in the reverse supply chain.

Containers and Locations

Define physical material handling equipment and locations to hold returned products during the receiving, grading, and disposition process.


Manage return-to-stock for all products that have passed the grading process and that can be sold again.


Manage return-to-vendor shipments for disposition with external repair, asset recovery, and recycling vendors.


Work with external market places to resell returned products in new markets.

Warehouse Only

Manage the receiving and grading process in your warehouse for returns that have not been created and shipped via 12Return.

Warehouse Only API

Connect your existing RMA system to create authorized returns for receiving and grading in 12Return.

Full Frontend Integration

Get the best of both worlds. Fully integrate the customer returns process in 12Return with the receiving and grading process in 12Return.

Managed Returns Center

We handle returns from your customers locally with a full-service returns solution.

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