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Smooth operations with Return Dock

Fast and efficient warehouse operations

When returns arrive at the dock of your warehouse you need a fast and efficient process to receive, grade and disposition returned products. 12Return converts product returns to new value.
Your Returns Process
Return Dock
Receive a Return

Reduce delays in the receiving process with all relevant data in one system

Your reverse supply chain might involve one or multiple return centers. When a return shipment arrives at the designated return center, the products should be received and graded to identify the state of the product and to determine the disposition.

Controlled Inventory

Manage your returned products inventory in each return center

Returned products are stored in a controlled inventory until disposition takes place. 12Return offers full warehouse management capabilities to manage your returned products inventory in one or multiple return centers.
Recover a product

Turn product into new value to avoid inventory write-off

Product disposition with internal or external partners and vendors can be executed fast and efficient to maximize the recovery of product value.

Learn from the returns process to drive ongoing improvements

12Return turns unified data from the returns process into valuable insights. Real-time pareto's tell you which products have been returned so you can take actions to avoid that from happening again.
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Receiving & Grading Inventory & Disposition
When customers ship a return to your return center, the arrival of a return shipment will never be a surprise. 12Return has been designed to give warehouse operators all tools and data for fast and efficient receiving and grading of returned products. Returned products can be stored in your returns center until they will be dispositioned internally or at a third-party service provider. 12Return gives all tools to streamline re-commerce, refurbishment, repair or recycling with external partners.


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No more unidentified returns at the receiving dock with all return data in one system.
Receive returns from all channels in one or multiple returns centers.
Improve the reliability of product grading with product specific grading rules.
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Manage the returned products inventory in one or multiple return centers with a single management overview.
Recover the value of returned products through disposition with vendors, external partners and market places.
Make the returns process part of your supply chain and integrate Return Dock with your ERP system.
The 12Return returns management platform orchestrates and automates the Return-to-Value process and serves as the connection between your front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems. We support several options to integrate with your ERP system:
12Return supports a suite of alerts to update your ERP system about the status of a return.

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Fairphone produces a smartphone to address social and environmental issues throughout the mobile phone value chain. Fairphone uses 12Return for their entire reverse supply chain.
ReMarkable ships products to global customers from Asia. Customers return to reMarkable's fulfilment center in Asia that runs 12Return.
Somfy has organised their entire frontend returns process for multiple return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with the backend returns process in BAAN.
Remeha works with over 3,500 dealers and resellers that can return products to Remeha. 12Return is the frontend RMA solution that has been integrated with the backend operations process in SAP.
Philips uses 12Return for their subscription programs. When customers in Europe and United States cancel their subscription, they return the product to local warehouses that run 12Return.

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