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Offer a better customer experience in any channel where customers return products.


Run efficient operations in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.

Return Dock for Operations

Run efficient operations in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.



Everything you need to handle returns at scale



European Returns Service

When your cross-border business grows the complexity and costs of returns increase. We take care of your entire returns process by handling inbound, storage, and outbound in local return centers around Europe.

SaaS In-House

No matter how returns arrive at your warehouse, returned products should not lose their value being idle. Return Dock is designed to handle returns and can be easily deployed in your in-house warehouse.

SaaS Outsourced

Your preferred Logistics Service Providers has an opportunity to offer reverse logistics services to you. Return Dock is a multi-client and multi-location app for handling returns and can be easily deployed at your preferred LSP.

Return Dock makes your warehouse prepared for product returns

Return Bird

Return Dock seamlessly integrates with Return Bird for implementing an end-to-end returns management process.

Operations processes

Return Dock supports multiple processes for inbound, storage, and outbound of returns and returned products.



Return Dock integrates with any warehouse management system for replenishment of graded products into your regular inventory.

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