The Warehouse Management System for Return Centers

Managing Return Center operations fundamentally differs from managing regular warehouse operations. Your Warehouse Management System software needs to be prepared for an agile returns process in one or multiple return centers.
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Discover Return Dock

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Receiving and Grading

Returned products need a different treatment than regular products as each returned product is unique. With Return Dock you can identify and classify each product individually and determine the disposition action for recovering the value of the product. Products that need the same disposition action can be grouped on containers that can be stored in the Available-for-Disposition inventory. All products have a full audit trail to the return they came in with.



In a return center you typically manage 2 inventories: Returned products are stored in the Available-for-Disposition Inventory waiting for disposition (e.g. repair). Products that have been returned after disposition (e.g. repaired) are stored in the Available-for-Service Inventory waiting to be used again. Return Dock offers a transparent insight in on-hand, reserved, and available inventory.


Disposition or Revalue

Returned products need the right disposition action to recover their value. Disposition can take place in the return center or externally (e.g. Return-to-Vendor). Return Dock allows you to manage internal and external disposition processes with multiple vendors. As each product has been identified and classified individually, you have all relevant information available to streamline this process.

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