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Returns are here to stay

Product returns are part of the new customer-centric and circular economy.


When you sell and ship directly to end-customers you can no longer proxy reverse logistics to retailers or third parties. You need to deal with product returns from customers when they don't like the product or when it is defect.

Subscription Economy

In the subscription economy product ownership changes to product usership. When you remain owner of the product that is used by your customer you need to deal with returns in case of subscription cancellations and product defects.

Circular Economy

In the circular economy product returns are the source for creating new product value. You care about your products and customers should be able to return a product when they stop using it.

Your Challenge


In your Reverse Supply Chain you need to manage two important aspects: customers who return products and products that are returned.

The returns management process comprises different activities that are managed by different parties and systems.

You are lacking visibility and efficiency in a fragmented returns process. Customers are not served well and products are often losing their value. The costs of returns are a financial burden.


The 12Return returns management platform orchestrates and automates the Return-to-Value process and serves as the connection between your front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems. You can use 12Return stand-alone or integrated with your systems. Read more ...

Returns management software


The 12Return platform includes 3 software products for your returns management process.

Engaged customers

Future-proof customer return journey

Give customers a friendly and simple return policy at the start of a return and a reliable service at the end. 12Return makes the returns process personal and supportive. So customers stay happy.

Engaged customers

Return Bird
Return Dock

Smooth operations

Fast and efficient warehouse operations

When returns arrive at the dock of your warehouse you need a fast and efficient process to receive, grade and disposition returned products. 12Return converts product returns to new value.

Smooth operations

Agile supply chain

Connected and controlled reverse supply chain

Returns are part of the new economy and you need to be prepared of that. 12Return enables you to build and manage your reverse supply chain ecosystem with internal teams and external partners.

Agile supply chain

Return Suite

Your Solution

Your reverse supply chain is orchestrated and automated by a platform for an agile returns process.

All parties - customers, support agents, carriers, warehouse operators, vendors and others - work together in a transparent and uniform returns process.

The uniform and unified returns process creates valuable insights to prevent or stimulate returns and to drive efficiencies.

Customer Success


reMarkable ships products to customers directly from Asia. Customers return to reMarkable with DHL. 12Return organises the global reverse supply chain.

Customer Success


Somfy has organised their entire returns process for return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with TNT and UPS to manage incoming returns from customers in Europe. Read more ...

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