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All-in returns service for your cross-border returns.


Software-as-a-service for your returns process.


Returns software for logistics service providers.

Returns by 12Return

12Return is a tech-powered returns service for Direct-to-Customer brands. Trust us with your returns process. We handle your returns from start to finish and help you to turn the returns process into a valuable asset for your company.

You take control of returns with free returns software.

You can implement a digital returns process and connect to our returns service. 

  • Branded return portal
  • Digital return label
  • Carrier services
  • Automation rules
  • Merchant dashboard
  • Insights
  • API
  • Warehouse app
Our software comes for free with our service. You can also use it as Software-as-a-Service.
SaaS for returns

We take care of your returns in Europe and beyond.

With 12Return, you can use reverse logistics services to save time for things that matter to your business. 

  • Pre-negotiated shipping rates from 25 carriers in Europe
  • Delivery to 130,000 drop-off points in Europe
  • Local processing in 13 local return hubs in Europe
  • Returns direct to your warehouse from 149 countries

On-line communication for better engagement

Give customers a better returns experience in every sales channel and stay in control of the returns process and its costs. Customers can create, ship, and track returns in a branded return portal that is connected to your Order Management System.





Local shipping for a better experience and lower costs

You can use local carrier services and discounted carrier rates to ship returns to a local return hub in Europe, and use global carrier services to ship directly to your warehouse from 149 countries. 


Local returns processing for a faster process

Our local hubs handle returns in your preferred way. Returns can be received, checked, graded, and sorted for consolidated replenishment to your warehouse or any other destination.







Faster customer service for a better NPS

Offer customers a fast refund or store credit based on the receiving scan in the local return hub. You have a real-time overview of all active returns and their products.


We are ready for your returns!

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