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Offer a better customer experience in any channel where customers return products.


Run efficient operations in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.

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Customers can ship to you no matter where they are in the world

Offer a hassle-free returns experience and reliable shipping service to business-customers and consumers in any location in the world.

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When customers ship products to you, better make sure it happens in a controlled way.

12Return supports customer returns from 149 countries with paid and pre-paid drop-off and pickup services from UPS, DHL and local carriers. Define Dynamic Routing™ rules to automate the routing and shipping of returns to a designated returns center.


12Return gives your customer a carrier shipping label on-demand for drop-off to a local carrier delivery station or your own shops. For several carriers we also support Print-in-Store so that your customer doesn't need to print the label.






12Return gives your customer a prepaid carrier shipping label for pick-up at their preferred location and allows your customer to schedule a pick-up appointment with the chosen carrier. Pick-up is supported for both B2C and B2B returns.




Allow customers to organize and pay shipping themselves by giving them a barcoded address label to ship products to a designated returns center.



Flexibility included!


Use Dynamic Routing™ rules to automate decisions about where returns are shipped to and how.


Use your UPS or DHL account to give your customer a prepaid return label for drop-off or pickup.


Use virtual carriers to work with any preferred transportation company for drop-off or pickup.


Track the status of a return shipment with pre-build tracking links that are available for customers and support agents.

Smart shipping reduces time and costs.

Reduced Lost-in-Transit
Reduced Freight Spend
Reduced Customer Inquiries

I want to reduce my freight spend!

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