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Return Policies

Your business might have multiple use cases that create returns. 12Return is designed to support these use cases with a single RMA software solution. Discover the return policies that we can help you with.


When you sell and ship directly to end-customers you can no longer proxy reverse logistics to retailers or third parties. You need to be prepared for returns in different phases while the customer is using your product.

  • Offer a hassle-free return journey
  • Reduce freight spent
  • Speed up the service cycle time
  • Avoid inventory write-off


In the subscription economy product ownership changes to product usership. When you remain owner of the product that is used by your customer you need to deal with returns in case of subscription cancellations and product defects.

  • Improved product return rate in case of churn
  • Improve replacement service in case of defects

After-Sales Service

Customer that use your product expect a reliable service when the product is defect or requires maintenance. After-sales service supports the way the customer experiences your product and brand promise.

  • Improved service resolution
  • Lower support costs
  • Happier customers who use your products

Product Recall

Recalls are always unexpected and require a fast response to an urgent situation. Your reverse supply chain should include a product recall process that can be activated at any time.

  • Emergency availability
  • Faster process turn-around
  • Better issue resolution information

Product Take-Back

In the circular economy, product returns keep the supply system alive. You care about your products and customers should be able to return the product when they stop using it.

  • Reduced footprint and landfill
  • Recover product value
  • Continue the customer relationship

Drop Shipment

In today's commerce drop shipment is a common practice. Customer returns bring new complexities if these returns should be shipped to one or multiple drop shipment vendors.

  • Multiple vendors
  • Vendor specific return policies
  • Vendor specific transportation

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