Returns Management Platform for product returns.


Streamline the customer return journey.


Optimize the process of receiving and grading returned products.

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All-in-one Return Bird and Return Dock.

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Your business might have multiple use cases that create returns. 12Return is designed to support these use cases with a single RMA software solution. Discover the solutions that we can help you with.

eCommerce and Omni-Channel Commerce

Hassle-free returns process for customers across all sales channels:

  • Extended the customer journey with a reliable return service
  • Reduce reverse logistics freight spend
  • Improve the overall return-to-refund cycle time
  • Recover the value of returned products

Subscription Economy

Global returns process for your product subscription service:

  • Manage product return in case of churn
  • Manage return and replacement in case of defects

After-Sales Service

Improved customer communication in the after-sales service process:

  • Improve service resolution rates
  • Achieve lower support costs
  • Make happier customers who use your products

Product Recall

Pre-installed returns process in a time-sensitive product recall situation:

  • Have products returned fast and efficient
  • Keep customers up-to-date about issue resolution

Product Take-Back

Reverse supply chain to take control of obsolete products:

  • For Overstock, End-of-Use, and End-of-Life
  • Support a circular economy
  • Extend the relation with the customer who stops using your product

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