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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.

Return Dock powers you to offer best-in-class returns services

Logistics Service Providers have an opportunity to offer returns operations services to (retail) brands. Return Dock is an add-on for returns that perfectly works with your existing Warehouse Management System.


Add-on for WMS

Whether you like it or not, a WMS is not designed for handling returns. Return Dock 3PL returns software is an add-on to your WMS for handling returns and integrates with your WMS for restock of products that have passed the grading process.

Flexibility included

Return Dock is multi-client and multi-location and can be deployed instantly as it connects to Return Bird for receiving master data and transaction return data from your customer.

Enrich your LSP proposition with a returns service

Return Bird

Return Dock seamlessly integrates with Return Bird and allows you to offer returns management operations services to (retail) brands who already use or want to use Return Bird for their customer returns process.

Scalable Operations

Return Dock supports inbound, storage, and outbound of returns for multiple customers in one or multiple warehouses.

WMS Integration

Return Dock easily integrates with your warehouse management system for replenishment of grade-A products into the regular fulfillment inventory.

Market Place

You can present your return services with Return Dock in the Return Bird market place to connect to existing and new (retail) brands.

Offer returns management services to existing and new customers

Fairphone has implemented a reverse supply chain for commerce and warranty returns from resellers and end-users in Europe.

Remarkable has implemented a reverse supply chain for commerce and warranty returns from end-users world-wide.

Flowmotion has implemented a reverse supply chain for commerce and warranty returns from end-users world-wide.


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