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All-in returns service for your cross-border returns.


Software-as-a-service for your returns process.


Returns software for logistics service providers.

Make your service process customer-centric

In today's economy your sales and services processes need to be customer-centric and hassle-free. 12Return helps SMB's to become customer-centric with adding a self-service RMA portal to their existing business system.


Seamless return experience

Customers expect a seamless experience when they ask for service and return a product. 12Return turns your returns process into a self-service that pleases your customer and makes your support agents more efficient.

Simple IT integration

You don't want to spend time and resources on complex IT integration with your legacy business systems. Unify the end-to-end returns process on the 12Return platform with simple integration to your business systems.

Think big, start small, we scale with you


12Returns customer communication interfaces allow you to offer a customer-centric and hassle-free returns process in your B2B, B2C, and D2C channels.


12Return easily integrates with your existing backend systems and turns your returns and after-sales business processes into future-proof customer-centric processes.


12Return supports a start-small, scale-fast approach to transform your reverse supply chain in a step-by-step transition based on priorities and capabilities.

Returns Service

Connect your Return Bird account to our Managed Returns Service.

Great businesses offer a future-proof returns service to their customers

Interhiva has implemented a returns process for commerce and after-sales returns from dealers and end-users in Europe.

Remeha has transformed their reverse supply chain for commerce and after-sales returns from dealers and end-users in Europe.

Conrad has implemented a returns process for commerce and warranty returns from on-line purchases.





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