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Build a unified reverse supply chain and returns management process on a single platform.


Streamline customer returns in any channel where customers return products.


Receive and Grade returned products in your in-house or outsourced warehouse.

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Customers stay in the know about the return and its status

Keep customers engaged and involved with personal and relevant information about the end-to-end returns process. 

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Keep customers informed about the entire return journey. From return to settlement.

Customers are informed about what will happen and what has happened in the returns process. You can offer better service in the returns process with personal and relevant information. Automation helps you to offer reliable status updates at scale.

Return status

Customers can see all returns in the hosted customer portal and track the status of the end-to-end process from return to settlement.





Shipment tracking

Customers can see all returns in the hosted customer portal and directly track the shipping status at the tracking page of the chosen carrier.

Email updates

Customers can define their preferences for receiving email updates about the status of the end-to-end process from return to settlement.



Flexibility included!


You can define personal and relevant emails to keep your customer informed about every step in the returns process.


You can design beautiful email templates in your brand identity with flexible custom HTML.


You can design relevant email content with data widgets that automatically include the relevant data for a return.


You can update any external system about the status of a return with Return Alerts.

Automation reduces manual interaction to service your customer.

Reduced Contact Hours
Reduced Response Time
Reduced Customer Inquiries

I want to organise the customer return journey!

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