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All-in returns service for your cross-border returns.


Software-as-a-service for your returns process.


Returns software for logistics service providers.

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Stop accepting the daily challenges of a disconnected returns process

Connect the two dimensions of the returns process

In your returns process, you need to manage two important aspects: customers who return products and products that are returned.

Connect all parties and systems in the returns process

The returns process exists of different activities that are often managed and executed by different parties and systems.

Take control of returns with a connected returns process

You are lacking visibility and efficiency in a fragmented returns process. Customers are not served well and products are often losing their value. The costs of returns are a financial burden.

Software and service for your connected returns process

Golden Return Circle


Prepared for global returns

In its core, 12Return has been designed with global returns in mind. No need for multiple tools, 12Return easily scales with you when your business grows.


No one-size-fits-all

You have personal access to your account settings and you are free to set up and customize return policies, return reasons, emails, carriers, logistics routes, and much more.


Everything customer-facing, such as the return portal, emails, return reasons, and documents, can be set up in different languages.

Works with any system

Of course, 12Return works with popular systems like Shopify. But there's more. 12Return works with any system and even stand-alone. Our suite of APIs gives you the flexibility to connect any system.


In its core, 12Return has been designed with multi-channel returns in mind. No matter where you sell, 12Return handles returns from any sales channel.

Intelligent decisions

12Return automates the four key decisions to plan and execute a fast and cost-effective end-to-end returns process.

Returns are here to stay


When you sell and ship directly to end-customers you can no longer proxy reverse logistics to retailers or third parties. You need to deal with product returns from customers when they don't like the product or when it is defect.

Subscription Economy

In the subscription economy product ownership changes to product usership. When you remain owner of the product that is used by your customer you need to deal with returns in case of subscription cancellations and product defects.

Circular Economy

In the circular economy product returns are the source for creating new product value. You care about your products and customers should be able to return a product when they stop using it.

Better returns in 1..2 steps

Customer Return Experience

97% of consumers say they’ll buy with you again if they have a positive returns experience. Return Bird software gives you all tools to be in control of designing, implementing, and running your returns management process:

  • Return portal for customers to create, ship, and track a return
  • Connected to your webshop
  • Connected to global and local carrier services
  • Tracking
  • Automated refund
  • Smart sales retention plans

SaaS for returns





Returns Operations

We do the heavy lifting for you and handle returns with local shipping and local returns processing in Europe and North America:

  • Local transportation services
  • Local shipping rates
  • Local return address
  • Local returns processing

Service for returns



Customer Success


reMarkable ships products to customers worldwide directly from Asia. Customers return to reMarkable with DHL. 12Return organizes its global reverse supply chain.


Customer Success


Somfy has organized its entire returns process for return flows from consumers, dealers, and resellers. 12Return has been integrated with UPS to manage incoming returns from customers in Europe. Read more ...

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