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12Return contributes to EC-IRP report

12Return contributes to EC-IRP workshop on promoting Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair, and Direct Reuse report

12Return has contributed to a the EC-IRP workshop on "Promoting Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair, and Direct Reuse".

Stef de Bont, 12Return's CEO, has contributed to a panel discussion about "Increasing consumer acceptance of remanufacturing, refurbishment, repair, and direct reuse".

The report includes following recommendation related to 12Return:

Several measures can be used to increase consumer acceptance of remanufactured or refurbished products including: changing the financial incentives, introducing standard contractual clauses, working with consumers’ existing trusted sources to shape opinion, peer to peer marketing, support for local community communication and exchange platforms (IT tools and physical spaces), and marketing aiming at young people. Specific examples included:

  • Technology platforms which can provide the links to create reverse supply chains from consumers to repair, reuse or remanufacture (e.g. returns management software developed by 12Return).

The full report can be sent on request:


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