Behind every return is a customer asking for service

12return gives customer service agents the tools to offer customers a personal service in the customer journey and to turn returns into store credits or exchanges instead of refunds.

Customer Service

One process, integrated with your favorite tools

The returns process is a supporting process for your core business, so it should easily integrate with the business systems and tools you already use.

Merchant dashboard

12return software includes a personal dashboard for customer service agents to be in control of returns and to update customers on auto-pilot. The merchant dashboard also includes smart automation for gatekeeping and settlement at scale.

Your favorite tools

You can integrate the merchant dashboard with your e-commerce and business systems to streamline data in an integrated process. You can also integrate with your favorite tools like Zendesk, Teams, and Slack for peace of mind in your daily work.


You are in control of returns coming back to you

Gatekeeping helps you to control if and how returns come back to you. It also helps you to turn the return into a store credit instead of a refund. Gatekeeping helps you to be a great customer service agent and a sales representative at the same time.


You are in the driver's seat of cost-effective logistics

12return automates smart carrier selection but you have final control. Select the right carrier for a return to be in control of freight costs without compromising the service to your customer. Choose between global or local services, drop-off or pickup. Free or paid. You are in the driver's seat.


You are on auto-pilot for accurate customer updates

Keeping your customer updated avoids irrelevant questions and gives you the time to focus on customer care conversations that matter. 12return sends automated customer updates in emails that can be beautifully crafted in your brand identity.


You are on the move from customer service to sales retention

Give customers a fast and accurate refund, store credit, or exchange based on their preferences. Or motivate them to accept a store credit instead of a refund to retain sales. Customer service agents become sales representatives in the returns process.


You are in the know about returns and their trends

Customers return products and products are being returned. You can learn about customers and products with valuable insights from the returns process.


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