Make returns part of your daily work

Make the returns process part of your overall business process by unifying returns and integrating 12return with the systems and tools you already use. Enable all teams to work together in a unified returns process with accurate data from a single source of truth.

Merchant dashboard

New returns

Get work done

Give your support agents a personal dashboard that helps them to get work done.


Connect 12return with your favorite tools to embed the returns process into your daily work.


Define if and how returns are authorized based on the rules of your return policy.

Return profiling

Define smart rules for intelligent and automated gatekeeping at scale.

Active returns


Track the status of returns that are in transit with the carrier.

Status emails

Keep your customers informed with automated status emails in your brand identity.


Give customers a fast refund or store credit with smart automation rules.


Turn the data from your returns process into valuable insights for better business decisions.


Integrate your e-commerce and business systems

Use our standard integrations or easily integrate with your e-commerce and business systems.


Integrate 12return with your favorite tools

No need to be in 12return all day. Simply integrate Zendesk, Teams, Slack, or any other favorite tool.

Power under the hood and extras in the box


Automate all key decisions

The returns process includes 4 key decisions that drive the effectiveness of the process. You can automate these key decisions with smart automation rules. 


Free warehouse app

Connect the frontend returns process with backend operations in your warehouse to allow the customer service and operations teams to work together. All software plans include a free warehouse app that is fully integrated with the merchant dashboard.


Take the lead in returns management, we help you getting better every day

  • Customer experience

  • Customer service

  • Logistics

  • Returns processing

Return portal

A digital and personal conversation with your customer

Digital returns to remove the friction from the customer return journey and to improve sales retention.

Merchant dashboard

45% less time spent on irrelevant customer contact

Personal dashboard for support agents to be in control of all returns and to gain insights from returns data.

International shipping

30% savings in freight spent with local first-mile shipping

Global and local carrier services for hassle-free, cost-effective, and sustainable returns from any customer anywhere.

Local returns processing

25% reduction in time and costs for restocking and reusing products

Returns processing services in Europe and the United States for reuse of products in a cost-effective and sustainable way.