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12Return opens US data center for North America expansion

The Netherlands-based 12Return has opened a US data center in the IBM Cloud to prepare for expansion in North America.

The Netherlands-based 12Return has opened a US data center in the IBM Cloud for expansion in North America. IBM is 12Return’s first customer to use this new infrastructure for its North American asset recovery services. IBM already uses the 12Return platform in Europe.

12Return offers an all-in-one Returns Management Platform to manage product returns and reverse logistics. Brands and retail companies are faced with product returns from consumers and business customers. 12Return enables them to set up and manage a controlled returns management process.

“Retailers typically struggle with commercial returns from on-line sales”, says 12Return CEO Stef de Bont. “Brands typically deal with service returns that require repair or maintenance. Increasingly these brands also deal with take-back returns when products become obsolete. Both brands and retailers need to be prepared for product returns”.

Returns occur in different phases while the customer is using the product. Different returns that can be managed with a customer-centric business process; Return-to-Settlement. The 12Return platform supports this new business process and enables brands and retailers to collaborate with all partners and systems that are playing a role in their reverse supply chain.

“The partnership with IBM is unique”, Stef de Bont says. “IBM is a partner and a customer at the same time. Together we build the foundation for a customer centric and circular economy”.

Opening the US data center is the first phase of 12Return’s expansion in North America.

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