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12Return launches ReturnDock

ReturnDock is a global platform and network of local return centers that support brands that are active in Direct-to-Customer commerce.

The Netherlands-based 12Return has launched a returns management service under the ReturnDock brand. 12Return has been developed as a Software-as-a-Service solution for returns management. 12Return now powers the new ReturnDock returns management service.

ReturnDock is a global platform and network of local return centers that supports brands that are active in Direct-to-Customer commerce and ship to customers world-wide. By using the network of local ReturnDock centers, brands can keep returns local instead of having customer ship returns to a central fulfillment center somewhere in the world. By doing so, brands reduce valuable process cycle-time and freight costs, and therewith achieve a better starting point for the recovery of returned products.

ReturnDock is unique for several reasons; ReturnDock center do not just handle returns. Returned products that can be resold again, can be restocked in the ReturnDock center for fulfillment to a new local customer. ReturnDock centers are also equipped for revalue activities such as repacking, recondition, and refurbishment.

ReturnDock is focused on handling returns locally and bringing returned products back into a new local customer channel or other value chain.

ReturnDock does have local returns centers in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. The number of returns centers will be expanded by partnering with local logistics service providers.

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