We put you in control of returns

Returns can be a hassle for both you and your customers. Poor returns management can negatively impact customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, financial performance, and the environment.

We understand this and that's why we offer software and services that streamline the returns process from start to finish. Our solution allows for easy management of any return, regardless of the return policy, sales channel, or location, helping you achieve profitable and sustainable returns.

Returns management platform

All-in-one returns platform

The 12return platform allows you to seamlessly integrate all aspects of returns management into a unified business process. Additionally, you can easily connect with and utilize the service partners of your choice, making the returns process more efficient, effective and transparent for you and your customers.

Returns process

Retain customers with frictionless returns

The returns process is an important part of the customer journey, and it's crucial that it's seamless and customer-friendly. 12return makes this possible by putting you in control of the returns process, allowing you to provide an effective and friendly experience for your customers.


Reduce time for fast refunds and restocking

Properly receiving returns is a crucial step in the returns process. 12return gives you the flexibility to handle returns in the way that works best for your business. You can handle them in your own warehouse, at a preferred third-party logistics provider, or at one of our local return hubs in Europe and the United States.


Reuse products for a new purpose

Returned products still have a value that should not be wasted. 12return allows you to make the most of these products, whether by reselling them to a new customer or repurposing them in other ways, maximizing the value of each product.

Everything for your Connected returns process

  • Return Initiation

  • Shipping & Tracking

  • Processing

  • Manage

  • Notifications & Messaging

  • Data & Insights

Return Initiation

Return initiation

12return provides portals for both end-customers and support agents to initiate returns for any return policy, making the return process easy and convenient for everyone involved.

Shipping & Tracking

Shipping & Tracking

Our integrated carrier services can be used with your own shipping rates or our rates, providing flexibility and convenience in the return process.



Our tools and services are available for processing returns at either your own locations or our own, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for your business.



A personal dashboard for support agents and logistics teams allows easy management of returns, providing a streamlined and organized process for your business.

Notifications & Messaging

Notifications & Messaging

With our tools, everyone involved, including all systems, will be kept informed about the status of a return, ensuring a transparent and efficient process for all parties.

Data & Insights

Data & Insights

Our tools enable you to gain valuable insights from the data of your returns process, allowing you to optimize and improve the process for both you and your customers.

Easy to start small, flexible to scale fast

Powerful API

The 12return platform makes it easy for you to integrate with your existing systems and services, such as order management systems and carriers.

Smart automation

Smart automation rules allow you to automate key decisions, making the process even more convenient for your customers and improving their overall experience.

Intuitive tools

With 12return, your customer service and operations teams will have the necessary tools to streamline their daily work. Return Bird is designed to handle the front-end returns process, while Return Dock is tailored for back-end returns operations.


Get access to a growing ecosystem of system integrations, carriers, logistics service providers, disposition partners, and re-commerce channels.

Profitable and sustainable commerce

45% less time spent on irrelevant customer contact.

30% savings in freight spent with local first-mile shipping.

25% reduction in time and costs for restocking and reusing products.

For returns at any stage

When customers buy and use your products, there can be multiple return events in time. 12return helps you to turn these events into valuable customer interactions, effective operations, and sustainable reuse.




  • E-commerce returns

  • Marketplace returns

  • Point of Sale returns

After-Sales Service

  • Return for repair

  • Return for warranty

  • Product recall



  • Product take-back

  • Product trade-in

  • Subscription returns



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