We enable profitable and sustainable returns for cross-border commerce

Returns are not easy and often undesired. That is why returns often don't get the right attention. However, a bad returns process impacts customer satisfaction, operations efficiency, your bottom line, and the environment.

We help you achieve profitable and sustainable returns with software and services for a connected returns process.

Returns management platform

Your connected returns process

On the 12return platform, you can connect the 3 dimensions of returns management into a unified, integrated business process, and connect the preferred service partners in (y)our ecosystem.

Returns process

Retain customers with frictionless returns

An easy returns process with a local shipping experience that gives peace of mind to your customer.


Reduce time for fast refunds and restocking

Handle returns in your preferred location or use our local return hubs in Europe and the United States.


Reuse products for a new purpose

Restock products for reselling to a new local customer or for reuse in any other way.


Built on a strong software foundation

Powerful API

The 12return platform is an API-first platform for easy integration with all systems and services that are part of the connected returns process. Simply integrate order management systems, carriers, and other preferred tools.

Smart automation

The connected returns process includes 4 key decisions that drive the effectiveness of the process. You can automate these key decisions with smart automation rules.

Intuitive tools

Give your customer service and operations teams the tools for their daily work. Return Bird is your tool for the front-end returns process. Return Dock is your tool for backend returns operations.

Valuable data

A connected and unified returns process is the foundation for insights. Turn the data from the connected returns process into valuable insights about customers, products, and processes.

Your teams contribute to profitable and sustainable commerce

45% less time spent on irrelevant customer contact.

30% savings in freight spent with local first-mile shipping.

25% reduction in time and costs for restocking and reusing products.

For returns at any stage

When customers buy and use your products, there can be multiple return events. 12return helps you to turn these events into valuable interactions and a positive return experience for your customer.




  • E-commerce returns

  • Marketplace returns

  • Point of Sale returns


  • Return for repair

  • Return for warranty

  • Product recall



  • Product take-back

  • Product trade-in

  • Subscription returns


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