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All-in returns service for your cross-border returns.


Software-as-a-service for your returns process.


Returns software for logistics service providers.

Software for returns

Connect the frontend and backend returns processes into a digital, integrated business process that supports a circular supply chain for sustainable commerce.


A better returns experience for happy and returning customers.

Return Bird software helps you to improve sales retention with a customer-friendly and cost-effective returns process for all channels where customers buy from you.


Your returns center operation runs smoothly and returns don't pile up and lose their value.

Return Dock software helps you to operate a fast and effective returns process in your own warehouse or at your preferred logistics service provider to improve the reuse of returns products.

Offer easy returns in every channel.

Give customers a better returns experience in every sales channel and stay in control of the returns process and its costs. Customers can create, ship, and track returns in a branded return portal that is connected to your Order Management System.

Do you want to stay in control yourself? You can also connect to our API to initiate returns in your own system.





Be in control about what comes back and why.

Simply accept a return by default or review and authorize returns based on their characteristics. Support agents can review and accept returns manually or you can define rules for intelligent and automated Returns Material Authorization at scale.

Ship and track returns on their way home.

12Return has been designed with global returns in mind. You can use many local carrier services in Europe and global services from DHL and UPS with your own carrier contract.





Turn returned boxes into restocked products.

Be prepared for receiving returns for a fast settlement to your customer and for a fast restock of returned products.

Have you outsourced your fulfillment and returns to a 3PL? 

Returns for 3PL

Retain sales with a fast refund or store credit.

Offer customers a fast and accurate refund or store credit based on the status of the return. You can choose when to issue the refund or store credit and use accurate data from an end-to-end returns process.






Get better every day with analytics for better decisions.

We collect a lot of data from a unified returns process and this data is yours. Understand the details of returns to discover return profiles that help you build better return policies and processes.

Flexibility included!

Return portal

One portal for all returns or specific portals for different brands or customer channels. 

Return policies

One return policy for all returns or specific returns policies for returns, warranty, and end-of-life.


Carrier services

One carrier service for all returns or specific carrier services for each country or region.


One warehouse address for all returns or local or regional warehouses.

Return reasons

Define your preferred return reasons for each return policy. No limitations.

Data fields

Define additional data fields to record all data that is relevant for your returns process.


Define if and how returns are authorized based on the rules of your returns process.

Return Profiling

Define smart rules for intelligent and automated Returns Material Authorization at scale.


Speed up the receiving process in your warehouse with all data in one system.


Give customers a fast refund or store credit with smart automation rules.


Keep your customers informed with automated status emails in your brand identity.


Turn the data from your returns process into valuable insights for better business decisions.

Standard integrations

We support standard integrations with Shopify, Magento, Woo, Chargebee, SAP, and more.

Support integrations

You can integrate your favorite Zendesk, Intercom, Helpscout, or another chat tool.


Customers can buy a return label when creating a return in the portal.

Return alerts

You can connect to webhooks to receive automated status updates in your preferred system.

You are ready for returns!

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