Shopify returns around the world

As a Direct-to-Consumer brand, you ship to customers worldwide. That means you need to be prepared for global returns too. 12Return integrates with Shopify for a returns management solution that is ready for the world.

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Prepared for global returns

In its core, 12Return has been designed with global returns in mind. No need for multiple tools, 12Return is the single returns solution for your global Direct-to-Consumer business.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing automates logistics planning. You can define smart logistics plans that automate where returns are shipped to and how. 12Return integrates with UPS and DHL for global returns.


Everything customer-facing, such as the return portal, emails, return reasons, and documents, can be set up in different languages.

Managed returns

Global returns bring complexity and costs. Our Managed Returns service has been designed to handle your returns locally.


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