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Streamline the customer return journey.


Optimize the process of receiving and grading returned products.

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Returning Value In Your Supply Chain

12Return is cloud-based returns management software for brands who care about their products in a circular supply chain. The 12Return platform streamlines the customer return journey, the operations process in your return center, and the revalue of returned products.

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Returns management software

When you sell products you need to be prepared that these products can once be returned. Customers return products for various reasons in different phases while using your product.

Customers return products for various reasons and expect various services. In fact, a product return is a customer who is asking for your service. It is an opportunity for you to offer that service.

And, returned products still have value that should not get lost. There are many ways to unlock that value in different phases of the product life-cycle.

Offering service and unlocking value requires a streamlined returns process. A returns process that involves different activities that are often executed by different parties. The returns process should always be efficient and effective to deliver value for your business.

12Return is returns management software for your reverse supply chain. Software that delivers value to your business to make you a leader in a Customer-Centric and Circular Economy.

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Control Tower

Streamline the customer return journey. Improve customer communication in any sales channel that creates returns. Reduce freight spend with an automated return policy.

Optimise the process of receiving and grading returned products in your return center(s). Improve process cycle time, reduce operating costs and avoid inventory depreciation.

Connect your service and operations processes into a single returns business process. Integrate all systems and partners into a flexible and scalable reverse supply chain ecosystem.

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