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Product Returns Management Software

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12Return is the leading cloud-based solution for product returns management. Allow customers to register a return, authorise and ship it to a return center, receive and inspect the returned products, and recover the value of the products in various ways - quickly and easily, flexible and scalable.

Full Supply Chain Control

Cover all customer service and operational processes in the reverse supply chain. Give your teams and partners all tools to beat the returns challenge together.

Built to Scale

The only 100% open platform to build your reverse supply chain with your logistics, fulfilment, repair and asset-recovery partners. No vendor lock-in.

Real-time insights 

Unified data and insights for everyone to prevent future unwanted and stimulate future wanted returns. Bring returned products to life in a new value chain.

Enter the Reverse Logistics Revolution


RMA Portal

Streamline communication and collaboration between your customer and your teams.


Reverse Supply Chain

Connect logistics partners and return centers in an integrated supply chain.



Bring returned products to life in a new value chain.

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