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Product Returns Management Software

12Return allows businesses to implement a process for product returns. Our Growth Stack supports a step-by-step approach to improve communication, to streamline operational execution and to unlock value from returned products.

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Power your customer to manage their return service

Allow your customer to register a return, create a return label and track the status at any time.

Be in control not surprised by returns

Authorise returns manually or automatically to make the right decision for the further process.

Ship the best way, to the right destination

Automate the routing and transportation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of reverse logistics.

Improve your bottom line

Save operational costs and improve inventory cycle times with a fast and efficient returns process.

Handle returns fast and efficient to recover value

Eliminate exceptions, disruptions and inefficiencies in the physical and administrative process.

Keep your customer informed not waiting

Send automated status updates to keep your customer informed about the service they have asked for.

Track returns in the reverse supply chain

Have a clear view on everything that happens and has happened in your reverse supply chain.

Make happy customers

Leverage a contact moment with your customer to build a better relation.

Returns Management Software

for the Reverse Supply Chain

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