Returns Management Platform for product returns.

Frontend Solution

Streamline the inflow of product returns from customers.

Backend Solution

Optimize the process of receiving and grading returned products.

Total Solution

All-in-one Return Bird and Return Dock.

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Returns are customers asking for service and products coming back.

Two challenges. One solution. 1. 2. Return.

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Returns management software & service for your reverse supply chain.

Returns management software

12Return is the leading cloud-based solution for product returns management in a customer-centric and circular economy. The 12Return platform streamlines the inflow of product returns from customers and the recovery of product value in a new value chain.

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Frontend customer service solution

Optimize the process how returns come to you. Streamline customer communication and reverse logistics. Work with your preferred logistics partners. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce freight spend.

Return Bird

Backend operations solution

Optimize the process of receiving and grading returned products in your return center(s). Work with your preferred fulfillment, repair, and asset-recovery partners. Improve process cycle time, reduce operating costs and avoid inventory depreciation.

Return Dock

Reverse supply chain ecosystem

Build your reverse supply chain for a customer-centric and circular economy. Integrate all systems and partners into a flexible and scalable reverse supply chain ecosystem.

Return Suite

Improving the Customer Return Experience

In an automated returns process

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Returns management software
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