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Product Returns Management Software

for a Customer Centric and Circular Economy

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Define your goal. 12Return offers a helping hand.

Differentiate Service

Improve Efficiency

Maximize Independence

Accelerate Performance

RMA Portal

Improve communication to offer service, streamline processes to drive efficiency, and unify data to create insights.

Reverse Supply Chain

Build a flexible and scalable global network for effective and efficient reverse logistics and returns processing.


Prevent unwanted returns, stimulate wanted returns and recover the value of returned products.

Select Returns Management Software with care

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Differentiate Service

  • Multi-language and multi-device customer interface
  • Customer self-service
  • Automated status updates
  • Service settlement

Improve Efficiency

  • Flexible process workflow
  • Unified processes and data
  • Role based access control

Maximize Independence

  • No vendor lock in
  • Integrated services from DHL, UPS and more
  • Integration with operational sytems and partners
  • Do It Yourself configuration
  • API

Accelerate Performance

  • Insights
  • Prevent unwanted returns
  • Stimulate wanted returns
  • Recover product value