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Offer customers a better returns experience on any channel they buy from you.


Efficient returns management operations for better redeployment of returned products.

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Smart returns for Direct-to-Consumer commerce


12Return is cloud-based software for product returns management in a customer-centric and circular economy. The 12Return platform and eco-system enable (retail) brands and logistics service providers to deal with returns from anyone from anywhere.

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Returns have two dimensions. 12Return connects the dots.


Customers return products

Customers can return a product to you in different phases while using the product. When returning to you, customers expect a seamless returns experience with easy shipping, fast refund, and accurate status.

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Products are returned

Products that are shipped back to you should not travel the world and sit idle in a corner of the warehouse. Returned products should flow seamlessly through the reverse supply chain and not lose their value.

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Returns are customer connections

Behind every return is a customer who is asking for service. Return Bird supports effective customer conversations in every phase of the returns process, which means more productive support agents and more satisfied customers.

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Returns are valuable products

No matter how returns arrive at your warehouse, returned products should not lose their value being idle. Return Dock supports your operations team to run efficient operations and to maximize the redeployment of returned products.

Returns are data points

A unified returns process delivers a wealth of valuable insights about customers and products. Your management team can make better decisions for your business.

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You are prepared for Peak Season, great! What about the Returns?

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