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A lot needs to happen for a customer RMA

by Editorial Staff, on Jan 7, 2019 4:57:34 PM

When you sell and ship products to customers you need to be ready for returns too. Like it or not but customers do have multiple reasons to return the product to you.

First of all, the customer might not like the product and return it without reason. Second, when the customer does like and use the product, it might be defect and require a replacement or repair service. Third, customers might want to return the product to you when they stop using it.

When customers do return, a lot needs to happen:

  1. The customer needs to inform you about the return
  2. You need to review and accept the return request
  3. You need to define where to send it
  4. You need to create a return record in your system
  5. You need to issue a return shipping label
  6. The customer needs to pack and send the product to you
  7. You need to receive the return shipment
  8. You need to inspect the product
  9. You need to service (e.g. refund) the customer
  10. You need to update the return record in your system

The above is just the happy path. Your returns process needs to be prepared for mass volume and unexpected exceptions. Your RMA software should help you to deal with a customer RMA.

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