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Why you need customer returns software

by Editorial Staff, on Jan 8, 2019 12:32:22 PM

Customer returns software is a typical piece of software that is unknown to many. Still, many brands and retailers are in the need for RMA software in order to deal with the mass volume of product returns.

What is returns or RMA software anyway? What should it do?

Basically, returns software should cover 4 main functions:


  1. Returns Authorization: The process in which the customer requests and receives authorization for a product return (known as the Return Material Authorization or RMA).
  2. Returns Settlement: The process in which the product return is settled with the customer through various service actions like a refund, exchange, repair or reward.
  3. Reverse Logistics: The process in which products are returned from the customer to the designated location where returns processing takes place.
  4. Returns Processing: The process in which product returns are received, inspected and dispositioned through various actions like restock, repair or recycling.

In fact, returns software should cover 2 customer service functions (number 1 and 2) and 2 operations functions (number 3 and 4). 

Here is an interesting checklist for selecting RMA software.


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