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A message from our founder

A message from our founder Stef de Bont to our customers.

Dear customer,

Today marks an important day in the history of 12Return. Today we have completed the transition to "The new 12Return" that was first released on 5 October 2014.

12Return has been founded with a clear vision in mind: to build the foundation for the Reverse Supply Chain.

We started a journey that did not have a clear roadmap yet. Our vision, as a clear spot on the horizon, has been our main guide ever since.

As a first step in the journey, we have translated our vision to a proof-of-concept. In this journey, you have given us the trust and input to further develop the proof-of-concept into a sustainable product. In this part of the journey, you have been our new guide.

Today we have completed the first part of our journey to complete the transition from proof-of-concept to a sustainable returns management software product. A sustainable product that is complete, robust, flexible, and scalable to support the ongoing development of your Reverse Supply Chain.

In this journey we have tried, failed, learned, and improved. Your trust and support have helped us to achieve this important milestone.

The sustainable product is the basis for the next part of our journey to further expand the world's leading returns management software solution for a customer-centric and circular economy.

In the remaining part of 2017, we will work on 3 major initiatives that will be offered to you end of 2017 / early 2018:

  1. Insights: reliable statistics about your returns process
  2. ReValue: two solutions to reclaim value from returned products
  3. Prevention: a unique solution to prevent future unwanted returns

On 20 September 2017, we host the launching version of an annual event: ABOUT RETURNS. You are kindly invited to join us as honored guests. Please visit the About Returns page for information and registration.

I conclude this message by thanking you. Thank you for your trust, support, inspiration, and patience. Today is an important day because of you.

Thank you on behalf of the entire team at 12Return,


Stef de Bont

Founder and CEO

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