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How do I set up a Shopify return policy

by Editorial Staff, on Jan 5, 2021 3:02:12 PM

When you use Shopify to sell and ship direct-to-consumer, you need to be prepared for returns too.

When customers return to you, they might return for different reasons and expect a different service follow up:

Returning within 14 days after purchase

  • "I don't like the product, I want a refund"
  • "I don't like the product, but I like to buy something else with a store credit"
  • "The product has a wrong size, I like to exchange it for another size"

Returning while using the product

  • "The product is defect, I want a refund"
  • "The product is defect, I want a replacement"
  • "The product is defect, I want a repair"

Returning when not using the product anymore

  • "I want you to recycle the product, I like a discount to buy a new one"

For each Shopify return policy you might want to have a slightly different returns process. You need to make sure your returns tool for Shopify supports this.

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