Add a local touch to the return experience

Use local carrier services for a cost-effective and sustainable returns process that gives peace of mind to you and your customer. You can save freight costs with pre-negotiated carrier rates to ship returns to a Local Return Hub, or you can use global carrier services to accept returns from 149 countries.

International shipping

The basics

Digital label

On-demand digital label at the moment your customer wants to make a return.


12return creates the documents that are needed for international shipping.

Pickup appointment

Customers can schedule a pickup appointment in the portal and receive a confirmation right away.


Customers and customer service agents can track the status of a return from start to finish.

And more


One carrier service for all returns or specific carrier services for each country or region.

Split costs

You can split the shipping costs with your customer via a refund or with online payment.


Customers can buy a return label when creating a return in the portal.

Fast refund

12return supports smart tracking to trigger a refund when the return has been handed to the carrier.


Integrate global and local carrier services

Use global and local carriers with your own contract or take advantage of our negotiated rates.

Reduce the costs of returns where possible


All flexibility to use your preferred shipping services at the lowest costs

You are free to use your own carrier contracts whenever that makes sense.


Take advantage of local carrier services at discounted rates

12return offers local carrier services in Europe and the United States at discounted carrier rates. 

Take the lead in returns management, we help you getting better every day

  • Customer experience

  • Customer service

  • Logistics

  • Returns processing

Return portal

A digital and personal conversation with your customer

Digital returns to remove the friction from the customer return journey and to improve sales retention.

Merchant dashboard

45% less time spent on irrelevant customer contact

Personal dashboard for support agents to be in control of all returns and to gain insights from returns data.

International shipping

30% savings in freight spent with local first-mile shipping

Global and local carrier services for hassle-free, cost-effective, and sustainable returns from any customer anywhere.

Local returns processing

25% reduction in time and costs for restocking and reusing products

Returns processing services in Europe and the United States for reuse of products in a cost-effective and sustainable way.