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Reverse logistics impacts your freight spend.

The costs of logistics are a substantial part of your operations budget. The financial impact of reverse logistics should be minimized at any time.

The logistics costs of returns do not just hit your bottom-line but also impact the opportunity to recover value from returned products. Reverse logistics needs to be organized in a smart way to avoid an expensive one-size-fits-all return policy.

12Return organizes smart reverse logistics

Work with leading carriers to define optimized logistics plans for different return policies. 

Return Policy

Logistics plans define where returns are shipped and how. It also defines who pays for the freight costs. Each return policy requires and optimized logistics plan to balance between service and costs. Technology should help you to automate the logistics planning for each return policy.
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Your customer expects a hassle-free and reliable returns process with on-demand service. No matter who is responsible for shipping it should always be easy and efficient for the customer to return to you.
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Return policies require a global carrier service or local services per region or country. You should be available to use these carrier services in your reverse supply chain without hassle.
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