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Reverse Supply Chain Platform

No matter returns are desired or undesired, your business needs a reverse supply chain. The 12Return platform orchestrates and automates your returns management process by enabling hassle-free customer returns, efficient operations, and valuable analytics from a unified returns process.

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Customer Communication

12Return supports different communication interfaces for customer returns for any reason from any channel.

Domestic and International Shipping

12Return supports returns from 149 countries with drop-off and pickup services from UPS, DHL or local carriers.

Return Center Operations

12Return supports efficient operations in your in-house facilities, at your preferred 3PL, or in a local returns center.

Product Disposition and Recommerce

12Return supports Restock, Return-to-Vendor, and Recommerce with external partners and marketplaces.

Remarkable has implemented a reverse supply chain for returns and warranty from consumers world-wide.
Philips has implemented a reverse supply chain for their subscription programs in Europe and United States.
Somfy has transformed their reverse supply chain for commercial and after-sales returns from businesses and consumers in Europe.

For all Return Policies

There are multiple reasons why desired or undesired returns occur from your customers. 12Return supports the return policies that are relevant for your B2B, B2C, or D2C business.


When you sell and ship directly to end-customers you need to be prepared for returns in different phases while the customer is using your product.


In the subscription economy you remain owner of the product and you need to deal with returns in case of subscription cancellations and product defects.

After-Sales Service

Customers that use your product expect a reliable service when the product is defect or requires maintenance.

Product Take-Back

In the circular economy you care about your products and customers can return the product when they stop using it.

Product Recall

Recalls are always unexpected and require a fast response to an urgent situation.

Drop Shipment

Drop shipment brings new complexities if customer returns should be shipped to a drop shipment vendor.

Stock Rotations

Stock rotations or retail returns require fast processing to settle financial balances and to make products available again for sales.


Returning products to vendors requires you to comply with many different vendor return policies.

Flexible and Scalable

12Return is flexible to scale any dimension of your reverse supply chain.


You can manage returns from multiple sales channels with a single 12Return account. For each customer channel you can set up a dedicated customer communication interface with dedicated return policies.

Return Policies

You can define return policies for all returns in all channels. For each return policy you can define a unique experience for the customer return journey, unique automation rules for authorization, and unique plans for logistics.


12Return supports returns from 149 countries with paid and pre-paid drop-off and pickup services from carriers like UPS and DHL. You can automate the planning and executing of each return policy.


You can set up one or multiple return center destinations and operate them with 12Return. For each return policy you can define flexible rules that define what products are shipped where.

Smart Automation

12Return automates the key decisions in the returns process.

Return Profiling

Return Profiling automates decisions to authorize a return. You can define smart rules that automate when returns are accepted and against what conditions. 

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing automates logistics planning. You can define smart logistics plans that automate where returns are shipped to and how.

Settlement Planning

Settlement Planning automates the resolution of returns. You can define smart rules that automate how returns are settled with the customer.

Revalue Optimizing

Revalue Optimizing automates the disposition of returned products. You can define product grading rules that automate how returned products should be handled to recover the product value.

Easy Integration

12Return integrates with the systems you already work with.

Commerce Platforms

12Return integrates with your commerce platform to retrieve relevant data to create a return. You can also create a return in your system that is connected to our API.


12Return integrates with carriers like UPS and DHL to support returns from 149 countries with paid and pre-paid drop-off and pickup services.

Warehouse Management Systems

12Return integrates with warehouse management systems to alert about incoming products that have passed the receiving and grading process in 12Return and that can be restocked in the warehouse.

Business Systems

12Return integrates with ERP and Subscription systems to alert the status of a returns for administration in your business system.


12Return offers enterprise-grade security and continuity you can trust.

Data Security

We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with industry best practices. Our servers are hosted at Tier IV, fully ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, 22301 and 31000 compliant facilities. All locations comply with the global regulations governed by the EU-US Privacy Shield, GDPR, and the Cloud Security Alliance. The whole infrastructure is monitored 24/7 for security alerts and events.

SaaS Continuity

We offer a SaaS Continuity Program with NCC Group to secure your business with 12Return. This program covers the continuity of software and data. You can become a beneficiary of this program.


Your future-proof reverse supply chain with 12Return.

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