Discover your connected returns process

On the 12return platform, you can connect the 3 dimensions of returns management into a unified, integrated business process, and connect the preferred service partners in (y)our ecosystem.

1. Idle

Retain customers with frictionless returns

An easy returns process with a local shipping experience that gives peace of mind to your customer.


Reduce time for fast refunds and restocking

Handle returns in your preferred location or use our local return hubs in Europe and the United States.


Reuse products for a new purpose

Restock products for reselling to a new local customer or for reuse in any other way.

Create (returns)

Customers or service agents can easily create returns in the Return Portal, the Support Desk, a Marketplace, or your system.

Authorize (returns)

Customer service agents can authorize returns manually or with smart automation rules in the Support Desk. You can easily integrate the Support Desk with your favorite tools.

Ship (returns)

12return puts you in control of logistics. You can use a large variety of shipping services with your contract. Or use local shipping services at discounted rates.

Receive (operations)

The connected returns process continues with receiving returns in your warehouse or at your 3PL. You can also use a local returns address and processing services in Europe and the United States.

Restock (circularity)

The operations app supports restocking and reworking to resell or reuse returned products. You can connect to revalue channels to resell returned products or work with a local fulfillment partner.

Settle (returns)

12return automates settlement with your customer at any stage in the returns process. Customer support agents can manage settlement in the Support Desk with accurate data from the connected returns process.

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