Reduce time for fast refunds and restocking

Receiving returns is an important activity in the connected returns process to trigger settlement and restocking. With 12return you can handle returns in your own warehouse, at your preferred 3PL, or in our local return hubs in Europe and the United States.


Operations contribute to the connected returns process

Verified settlement

Customers expect a refund or store credit within 7 days after making a return. The receiving process confirms the conditions of the product for settlement with the customer.

Fast restocking

The receiving and grading process separates the products that can be restocked for resale from the ones that classify for another type of reuse.


Tools to run effective operations for receiving and restocking returned products.


Ship your returns to a local returns address in Europe and the United States.

Endless possibilities for a smooth returns process.

Can I use 12return in multiple warehouses?

The operations app is multi-location and multi-client. 

Can I use 12return for receiving returns?

With your subscription, you will receive a free operations app that has been designed for the returns process in your warehouse or at your preferred 3PL. You can use the app for receiving and grading returned products. Each activity automatically updates the return portal and merchant dashboard for full visibility of the status of a return for your customers and customer service agents.

Can I use 12return for inspecting products?

The operations app supports receiving and grading. You can set up multiple grading rules for different product groups. Warehouse operators simply have to answer a few questions to determine the grade of the product. 

Can I manage inventory?

The operations app supports 2 types of inventory. AFD (available-for-disposition) holds bad products (B/C/D grade), while AFS (available-for-sales) holds good  (A grade) and reworked products.

Can I use 12return for internal repair?

12return is not a repair management system in itself but the operations app supports (internal) rework and repair workflows.

Can I use 12return for external repair?

The operations app supports a Return-to-Vendor workflow. You can ship assets to an external vendor for repair or any other type of disposition. You can manage work-in-progress at the vendor and receive repaired assets in your inventory.

Can I use barcode scanners?

The operations app supports the use of barcode scanners in all areas of the app.

Can I integrate my WMS?

The operations app can be easily integrated with your Warehouse Management System to pre-alert products that can be restocked into your regular inventory.

Join the 3PL partner program to co-create success in returns management

We have packed 12return software into a partnership program for fulfillment and logistics service providers who offer services for returns.

Turn returns into a competitive advantage

With 12return, you can connect the frontend and backend returns processes into a digital and physical returns process that is up to the challenges of returns.



Retain customers with frictionless returns

An easy returns process with a local shipping experience that gives peace of mind to your customer.


Reduce time for fast refunds and restocking

Handle returns in your preferred location or use our local return hubs in Europe and the United States.


Reuse products for a new purpose

Restock products for reselling to a new local customer or for reuse in any other way.



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