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You are prepared for Peak Season, great! What about the Returns?

This year e-commerce has boomed and online spending has increased. More shipments and returns are a logical result you have to deal with.

The upcoming peak season will be the busiest in history. The global Covid-19 pandemic forces people to buy online. E-commerce is booming and so will be the shipments to handle, with product returns as the side effect.

Especially when you sell direct-to-consumer, the returns process is inevitably important. For your after-sales and C.S. for instance, to provide a high standard customer experience. Isn’t that what we all aim for? Even cross border customers expect your services in a certain pace such as fast refunds, product exchange or warranty. At this stage you can create a returning customer by unburden them.

Customer Returns & Operations go hand-in-hand.

The customer returns process should be focused on your customer. For an optimized customer experience an easy to use digital return process is recommended. The digital return process provides your operations with all data required. The operations process should run fast and efficient to reduce costs and product process lead-time. You want your warehouse to have a Returns management system, to prevent returns from sitting idle in your warehouse and loose their value.

It all sounds so simple but…

When you ship direct-to-consumer, the returns process is an important part of the after-sales service. When shipping cross border, a robust returns process even gets more important. So you need to be aware of some important considerations;

  • How can I easily implement a digital returns process?
  • How does my returns policy look like? Are there any differences per country?
  • How can customers ship to me? Are there any differences per country?
  • Where will the returns be shipped to?
  • How can I reduce lead-time to refund my customer?
  • How and where do I restock returned products for re-fulfillment?

Find help and all the answers                                                                                                      in the “Returns Process Checklist”. Returns Process Checklist


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