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returns management

Top 3 challenges in the returns process

Direct-to-Consumer commerce is booming. Volumes are exploding and returns grows too. Do you recognize the top 3 challenges for the returns process?

return policy

How do I set up a Shopify return policy

For each Shopify return policy you might want to have a slightly different returns process. You need to make sure your Shopify returns tool supports...

customer journey

2020 in review

2020, what a year.

rma portal

What should a return tool do for you?

Many companies tell us that they need a return tool. There are many return tools out there. Here is your complete return tool.

rma software

Why you need customer returns software

Customer returns software is a typical piece of software that is unknown to many. Still, many brands and retailers are in the need for RMA software...

rma software

A lot needs to happen for a customer RMA

When you sell and ship products to customers you need to be ready for returns too. Like it or not but customers do have multiple reasons to return...

returns management

RMA database software

RMA database software for unifying processes and data in the reverse supply chain.

returns management

RMA tracking software

How can RMA software help tracking RMAs in the reverse supply chain?

rma software

RMA management software

What is RMA software? RMA software needs to support interaction with the customer in the returns process.

returns management

What is an RMA?

Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for product return in the Reverse Supply Chain. Read about RMA and download the RMA checklist.

customer journey

Open Source Last Mile Logistics

Direct end-customer commerce involves a direct delivery to the end-customer and this puts a heavy pressure on logistics.

returns management

How sustainable are product returns?

Recently there has been a lot of debate about the fact that product returns are far from being sustainable. Let’s have a closer look at the product...

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